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By ni-kadeluxe, Nov 23 2015 11:46AM


Mango butter is made from the stone of the fruit of the Mango tree (Mangifera Indica) which typically grows in the tropics, where they grow into very large trees 50-100ft tall. There are over 200 types of mango tree. The collected mango stones are washed with well-water soon after collection. After washing, the seeds are sun dried to reduce the moisture content to 12-15%. The dried seed stone is roasted in a drum roaster and the hull is removed mechanically, the separated kernels are then crushed into small pieces.

Mango butter is semi solid at room temperature but melts on contact with the skin. It shares a lot of the same properties as Shea butter, however, the fatty acid profile varies slightly with an enhanced level of anti-oxidants and vitamins.

The lighter nature of Mango butter makes it a popular choice for the face and neck areas. Ni-Ka Deluxe combine mango butter with organic fairtrade Shea butter and organic fairtrade Coconut oil where the fatty acid profiles combine to produce deeply nourishing and replenishing balms. Ni-Ka Deluxe Organic Body Butter with Mango Butter handmade skincare for Nature Kissed Skin. Suitable for vegan. Buy now just £20

By ni-kadeluxe, Nov 12 2015 11:54AM

Cocoa butter is solid at room temperature but melts on the skin, it is also has a wonderful velvety texture and pleasant aroma. Antioxidant, which keeps it stable, cocoa butter has great moisturising properties which is why it is recommended for treating stretch marks in pregnant women. Cocoa butter has also been used to treat chapped lips or burnt skin. All this adds to its great reputation for healing.

Keep your skin smooth and soft with Ni-Ka Deluxe Organic Body Butter with Organic Cocoa Butter. Buy it now just £20

By ni-kadeluxe, Nov 6 2015 10:31AM

Do you want to feel good even when you have sensitive skin There is a way to make it happen using a product with 100% natural ingredients that is non greasy and easy to apply. A product made with organic and fairtrade coconut oil and Shea butter free from artificial preservatives, thickeners or emulsifiers. Ni-Ka Deluxe Organic Body Butter with Olive Butter a rich balm that is applied sparingly by gently massaging into your skin. Emollient, moisturising, soothing and containing olive butter which has the most even balance of essential fatty acids. 90% of customers with sensitive skin purchased this product after testing a sample. Ni-Ka Deluxe Organic Body Butter with Olive Butter just £20 to BUY NOW click on the link

By ni-kadeluxe, Jun 26 2015 08:00AM

This weekend is going to be very busy as you will find Ni-Ka Deluxe at several venues. Firstly at the Ni-Ka Deluxe outlet at Starlight Records, 17 Craven Park Road, London NW10 8SE from 12 noon until 3pm; from there to the Your Health Is Your Wealth conference at Park View School, West Green Road, London N15 3RB from 4pm until 9pm.

On Sunday join us at Chatsworth Road Market, London E5 from 11am until 4pm; from there a further Your Health Is Your Wealth conference at Chestnuts Park Community Centre, 280 St. Ann's Road, London N15 5EN the conference runs from 4pm until 9pm.

Enjoy your weekend and wherever you find us be sure to buy Ni-Ka Deluxe Golden Hair Pomade

By ni-kadeluxe, May 5 2015 03:23PM

I met some lovely people, made new friends and a couple of business contacts. The best bit was introducing my products to the many visitors and also to other exhibitors. Some were pleasantly surprised and others became instant converts to the sublime blend that is my Organic Body Butter with Organic Cocoa Butter.

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