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Our body butters, lip balm, soothing baby balm, hair pomade and organic soaps are made with organic raw ingredients. No emulsifiers or preservatives are used. Ni-Ka Deluxe Luxury Glycerine Soap is our only product range that is not organic, it is however SLS free. All of our products are vegetarian friendly.


We're proud of our reputation for quality skincare, and always welcome feedback about our products. If you like what we do, please let us know - and don't forget to tell your friends!


Ni-Ka Deluxe operates on the belief that where possible, good quality skincare is available through the use of the fewest number of ingredients. Ni-Ka Deluxe strives to ensure that as many ingredients as possible are ethically sourced.



All the ingredients used in Ni-Ka Deluxe's products are of the highest quality and sourced from reputable companies. You can be assured that with our skin and haircare products you will look and feel fantastic. Once you've tried our skincare products  you will not want to go anywhere else.

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